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  • Grade(s): 2-4
357Olympians Don't Quit3-5
146Family Financial Profile3-5
138Checking Account3-5
162Calculating Transportation Costs3-5
344Countries of Africa3-5
252Investigating Fingerprints3-5
367Turkey Feather Writing3-5
337Game: Turkey Put Together1-3
339Buffalo Hide Pictographs3-5
48Finding Main Ideas3-5
382Simulation: Direction March3-5
340Christmas in Great Britain3-5
360Angelina and Sarah Grimke: Sisters of Social Reform3-5
318Gwendolyn Brooks1-3
351Janet Guthrie3-5
10I Imagine1-3
260Rocket Science3-5
238Baking Ice Cream3-5
355Memorial Day--The Gettysburg Address3-5
313Everybody Needs1-3
253Little Sprout3-5
266What Holds a Substance Together?3-5
362The Middle East: Geography3-5
336Thanksgiving Coupon Book1-3
41Convincing Characters3-5
37Combining Art and Writing3-5
115Ice Cream Pictograph1-3
101Pictograph: Birthdays1-3
111Graphing Pasta1-3
108Eye Color1-3
128Treasure Hunt: Coordinate Graphing1-3
110Graphing Candy-Coated Chocolates1-3
17Nounmania and Verbmania1-3
12768Father's Day Pencil Holder1-3
326Mother's Day1-3
316Fire Safety1-3
314Famous African Americans Minibook1-3
66Writing an Eyewitness Account3-5
306African Mask1-3
232What Is a Pond?1-3
311Design a Quilt1-3
225Taste Buds1-3
251Inventing Circuits3-5
147Gee, It's Crowded in Here3-5
350I Want to Be Just Like You!3-5
366Internet Trips of Culture: The Statue of Liberty3-5
258Reef Attack3-5
364To a Place Like No Other (Galapagos Islands)3-5
135Baseball Math3-5
327Olympics in Ancient Greece1-3
369Game: What State Are You In?3-5
58Sequential Directions3-5
61Telling a Story3-5
124Spooky Spiders: Multiplication Snack Activity1-3
119Ravishing Rings (Multiplication with a Snack)1-3
123Sorting Sweethearts1-3
106Easy Estimation1-3
46Enchanted Enhancements3-5
35Book Report Haiku3-5
39Compare and Contrast3-5
54Paragraph Matching3-5
60Similes and Metaphors3-5
50Free Verse3-5
28Clifford: The Bones of the Story1-3
347Create-a-Town Simulation3-5
22Pronoun Party1-3
221Seeing and Hearing Game1-3
317Fun with Braille1-3
203Butterfly Eggs1-3
241Crocodile Eyes3-5
249Snakes: Illusions in Locomotion3-5
216Mixing Colors1-3
208Fun with Plants Flower Power1-3
205Connecting Body Parts1-3
209How Tall Is It?1-3
223Spying on Spiders1-3
246Hot Stuff3-5
265What Goes Around Comes Around3-5
345Current Events3-5
26Synonyms: Frogs1-3
125Subtraction Action1-3
229The Parts of an Insect1-3
244Forms of Energy3-5
304A Postage Stamp . . . A Drawing Activity1-3
383Search Engines4-8
365Internet Activities: To Betsy's House to Make a Flag3-5
329Our Community1-3
309Journal of Children of the World1-3
315Famous Figures in History Minibook1-3
159Solving Single-Step Word Problems3-5
153Multiplying by 10, 100, and 10003-5
155How to Apply Properties in Multiplication3-5
140Common Factors and Common Multiples and Simple Exponents3-5
151Missing Factors3-5
156How to Use the Rules of Divisibility and Estimation3-5
150Measuring Temperature3-5
167Working with Liquid Measurements3-5
134How to Measure Time3-5
14My Favorite Thing to Do1-3
27Team Stories1-4
32What Did You Say?1-3
1Accordion-Book Summary1-3
239Bold Bridges3-5
263The Need to Invent3-5
353Making a Tepee and Buckskin Paper3-5
359Sand Painting3-5
261Splendid Spores3-5
259Rock and Mineral IQ3-5
12769Mother's Day Flowers0-3
214Measuring Rainfall1-3
230Addition: The Raindrop Game1-3
29The Daily News1-3
25Story Dolls1-3
15My School Year Memory Book1-3
44Developing Listening Skills with Folktales3-5
102Color the Quilt: Addition1-3
222Shadows All Around Us1-3
363The Story of Last Names3-5
13549Differentiated Nonfiction Reading: Bill Gates, Inventor and Humanitarian4-4
113How to Reason1-3
122Shapes in Our World1-3
104Counting More or Less1-3
114How to Subtract to 101-3
132Using Tens and Ones1-3
118Number and Shape Patterns1-3
129Using a Hundreds Chart1-3
130Using Graphs and Charts1-3
109Fact Families1-3
131Using Math Vocabulary1-3
120How to Round Numbers1-3
107Expanded Form1-3
158Sequences and Exponents3-5
144Estimate Quotients and Check Division with Multiplication3-5
105Drawing Word Problems1-3
166Working Backwards Toward Answers3-5
145Extra Information in Word Problems3-5
160Solving Word Problems with Patterns3-5
126How to Tell Time to the Hour1-3
103Count Coins and Bills1-3
112Handy Measurement1-3
116Measuring Weight1-3
141How to Calculate Time3-5
133Work with Congruent Parts1-3
117Naming Fractions1-3
149Making Decisions with Probability3-5
137Casting Out Nines3-5
157Secret Sequences3-5
154Piggy Bank Math3-5
165Work with Basic Units of Time3-5
161How to Work WIth Time Zones4-6
136Calculating Discounts and Sales4-6
23Science Fiction Stories1-3
4Adventure Stories1-3
31Using the Table of Contents1-3
5Alphabet Poem1-3
12Logical Sequence1-3
8Color Description1-3
11If I Had a Robot. . .1-3
62Terrific Topic Sentences3-5
63Thesaurus Power3-5
36Color Poems3-5
42Definition Poems3-5
47Figuratively Speaking3-5
18Nursery Rhymes1-3
142Design Your Dream Bedroom3-5
242Earth Viewer3-5
255Computer Activity: Meet the Corals3-5
256Oceanography Multimedia Projects3-5
310Computer Activities: Countries of the World1-3
343Computer Activities: Conflict with England3-5
213Make a Shadow Clock1-3
217Moon Landing1-3
65Voice Trait: Who Is Talking?3-5
333Mexican Relic: Teamwork Puzzle1-3
332Spanish Word Face Mobile1-3
307Amazing Animals of Mexico1-3
341The Legend of the Mexican Flag2-4
56Readers' Theater3-5
370Where the Parks Are3-5
330Producer to Consumer Fun1-3
218Pepper Fun1-3
325Memorial Day Fun1-3
53Writing About Time: My Favorite Times3-5
38Comic and Film Strip Writing Lesson3-5
312Ellis Island0-3
20Oddity Rhyming Strips1-3
30Anthropomorphic Writing: The Laughing Leaf1-3
16Narrative Writing1-2
19October Writing Journal1-3
6Busy Beaver: Editing Practice1-3
13My Alien1-3
43Descriptive Verbs3-5
3415 Seconds of Fame3-5
100Math Detectives Activity: Alien Invaders!1-3
207Internet Activity: Choose a Fish1-3
224Studying the Food Pyramid1-3
308Around Your Town1-3
324Making Our World Better1-3
219Pets All Around1-3
227Internet Activity: The Insect World1-3
204Comparing and Collecting Bugs1-3
338A Closer Look at a Fairy Tale3-5
352Languages Around the World3-5
356Multicultural Communities3-5
248Identifying Mammals3-5
243Endangered Mammals: African and Asian Elephants3-5
262The Bear Facts3-5
254Mammal Facts and Myths3-5
320I Have a Dream...1-3
323Make a Washington Monument1-3
368Washington, D.C.3-5
322Make a Peace Windsock1-3
2Action Words1-3
55Prepositional Phrases3-5
57Root Words3-5
358Salt Lake City, Utah3-5
210Identifying Matter by Sound and Feel1-3
245From Liquid to Gas3-5
267What Will Rust?3-5
272Chemical Magic3-8
202Ants in the Wild1-3
250Imaginary Insect Zoo3-5
236A Look at My Teeth3-5
268Where Does Food Go?3-5
233What Shape is the Moon Tonight?2-5
257Phases of the Moon Flip Book3-5
228The Magic of Static2-5
247How Does Your Garden Grow?3-5
277Flower Power3-6
212Let's Go Fly a Kite1-3
331Protect the Bats!1-3
371Who's Who at Our School?3-5
305A Tale of Two Towns1-3
21Online Words1-3

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