Internet Activity: The Insect World

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Science, Life Science

Grade 1- 3


Students navigate their way around Web sites and find required information; label various insect parts; color various insect parts; and identify an insect for each letter of the alphabet.


There are three activities in this section. Each activity has an activity page and a suggested Web site for completing the activity.
What is an Insect? (page 7)
The language in this Web site may be above some of the students' reading levels. Pair a stronger reader with someone who will need extra support. Give students the jobs of captain (who organizes and records answers) and navigator (who finds the information and reports).
Insect Body Parts (page 8)
Read through the activity page together to make sure all students understand the questions and activities.
Students will need to have at least one colored pencil or crayon to complete this page.
Insects A-Z (page 9)
If students would like to learn more about an insect, they can click on that insect's picture.
There are insect coloring pages on this site that you may allow students to print out.


  • computer with Internet access
  • pencil or pen

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