Color the Quilt: Addition

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Mathematics, Operations (+, -, x, /, etc.)

Grade 1- 3


Students practice two-digit addition without regrouping.


Introduce to students the idea of adding numbers with two digits together. Use the following as an example.
Marty and Karen collect stuffed bears. Marty has 4; Karen has 5. How many bears do they have? Simple!
You just add

the answer is 9

If Marty and Karen continue to collect stuffed bears, and Marty has 40 and Karen has 50, how many bears will they have?
The numbers are larger, but you can add them just as simply.
First: Add the two numbers in the ones column.

tens ones

Second: Add the two numbers in the tens column.

tens ones

You have your answer just like that!
Distribute the activity sheet and have students practice what they have learned.


  • Color the Quilt activity sheet
  • pencils
  • red, yellow, blue, and green crayons

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