Ellis Island

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Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, United States History

Grade 0- 3


As part of a unit on immigration, students create little books about Ellis Island.


Assembly Directions for the Layered Book

  1. Color the illustrations.
  2. Cut out the cover, the illustrations, and each template.
  3. Trace the rectangle onto the light blue paper and the three ocean pages onto the dark blue paper.
  4. Cut out each piece of construction paper after the templates have been traced.
  5. Attach the text to the construction paper as follows:

  6. Piece 1: Glue the text of page 1 to the bottom of the largest piece of ocean. Turn the piece over and glue the text for page 2 at the bottom.

    Piece 2: Glue the Statue of Liberty to a smaller piece of ocean. Turn the piece over and glue the text for page 4 at the bottom.

    Piece 3: Attach the other small piece of ocean to the light blue piece of construction paper (sky), lining up the bottoms and the side edges. Place the glue for this ocean piece on the sides, not the top. Slide the skyline behind the top edge of the ocean and glue it in place. Place Ellis Island in the ocean, toward the bottom of page 5.

  7. Layer from back to front as follows: Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, page 1, then cover. Make sure the left and bottom edges are together.
  8. Staple down the left side of the booklet.


  • For each student you will need:
  • a copy of the cover and the text pages
  • copies of the illustrations
  • 3 sheets of dark blue construction paper
  • copies of the templates
  • one sheet of light blue construction paper
  • glue

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