Turkey Feather Writing

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Language Arts, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Social Studies, United States History

Grade 3- 5


Students use a symbol of Thanksgiving to complete a writing activity.


Discuss with students the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, and the role of turkey in the holiday.
In honor of Thanksgiving, use the turkey picture for the following activities:

  1. Write a spelling word on each turkey feather.
  2. Write an action word on each feather.
  3. Write all names of the turkey body parts on the turkey.
  4. Draw a picture or write a word that begins with "T" on each feather.
  5. Write a short story on the body of the turkey.
  6. Write the names of your classmates on the turkey feathers.
  7. Write the things you are thankful for on each feather.
  8. Write the names of all your family members on the feathers.
  9. On the body of the turkey write what your family will do for Thanksgiving Day.
  10. Write everything you know about turkeys on the body of the turkey.
Extension Activity: Writing Thanksgiving Words
paper, pencils, chalk, chalkboard, prizes such as stickers, or food treats for the winner or for all children who try to get many words, turkey (page 43)
Number the papers to twenty. Copy the word "Thanksgiving" from the board. Try to make as many words as possible from this one word. The person with the most words gets a prize. As a variation, children may write the words on the turkey.


  • Turkey activity page
  • pencils and pens

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