Ice Cream Pictograph

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Mathematics, Data Analysis and Probability

Grade 1- 3


Students will graph the class' favorite ice cream flavors.



  • Reproduce the table (page 6) and pictograph (page 21) for students and make overhead transparencies of these pages.
  • Reproduce the large and small ice cream cone patterns (page 20). Give each student one

large ice cream cone and about 20 small ice cream cones.
  1. Have students cut apart the patterns. Allow them to decorate their large ice cream cones using crayons or markers.
  2. One at a time, have students place their large ice cream cones on the wall or floor graph next to their favorite flavors. Use a large ice cream cone pattern to make the key, showing that one ice cream cone represents one vote.
  3. Show students how to count by twos to compress the data. Point out that half of an ice cream cone would represent one vote. Use the transparency of the pictograph to demonstrate. Examples: If six students voted for chocolate, you would draw three ice cream cones. If five students voted for chocolate, you would draw two and one-half ice cream cones. On the key, show that each ice cream cone represents two votes.
  4. Use the overhead transparency of the table to record the data from the wall or floor graph. See the example below. Have students record the data on their copies of the table.
Ice Cream Flavors Number of Votes
Chocolate 9
Vanilla 8
Strawberry 3

  1. Have students arrange the small ice cream cones on their pictographs (page 21), according to the data provided by the class. After checking the graphs for accuracy, have students adhere their pictures with glue.
  2. Discuss the questions (page 21) and ask additional ones to check students' understanding.
Extension Activities:
  1. Use ice cream stickers to create the pictograph.
  2. Have students use an ice cream maker to prepare some homemade ice cream. Be sure to ask parents if their children have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
  3. Divide the class into small groups. Have each group brainstorm a list of ice cream flavors. Have a contest to see which group can list the greatest number of flavors.
  4. Have students do research to learn about the invention of ice cream.
  5. Encourage students to make advertisements for new flavors or combinations of ice creams.


  • table
  • ice cream pictograph
  • large and small ice cream cone patterns
  • scissors
  • crayons or markers
  • glue

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