Oceanography Multimedia Projects

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Science, Earth and Space Science, Life Science

Grade 3- 5


In this activity, students will create a comprehensive multimedia project and conduct research including information about two student-selected animals and plants that thrive in the ocean.


This is a long-term project incorporating many language skills as well as science and technology skills. Each student group of two students must pick research questions that cover a specific topic related to oceanography. Then the students decide which two ocean animals and ocean plants they would like to research for their projects.
The students then complete their research and design their multimedia project on paper. This helps them make certain design decisions ahead of time and keeps them from wasting time during their computer rotation.
Student partners need to have time to work together on their computer project. Once all the planning is done, the students should have approximately one month to complete their projects.
The requirements the students have for this project are indicated on the Student Assessment sheets (pages 100-101). Have the students use the checklists to self-assess their projects before turning them in to the teacher.
After all the hard work, the students share their presentations with the rest of the class. Teachers can use the Teacher Assessment sheets (pages 98-99) to evaluate the students as they present.
Students can extend their research by comparing and contrasting their information about the ocean ecosystem to that of animals and plants in a lake or river ecosystem.


  • PowerPoint, HyperStudio, or another multimedia program
  • Internet connection
  • digital camera
  • research materials
  • copies of the Teacher Assessment sheets (pages 98-99) for teacher evaluation of the presentations
  • copies of the Student Assessment sheets (pages 100-101) for the students (see below for activity sheet link)

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