Mammal Facts and Myths

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Science, Life Science

Grade 3- 5


In this section students draw and label diagrams, utilize the resources in the school library, distinguish between factual and mythical information, and record resources used.


Whale Species (Page 41)
Make an overhead projector sheet of a student's diagram to use in a class discussion.
The Beaver (Page 42)
Use the facts to write a report. Make a model of a beaver's lodge.
Bat Myths (Page 43)
Brainstorm a list of myths about other animals. Discuss why the myths were created.
Locate a bat colony in your neighborhood to observe. Create a bat cave in the classroom.
Echidna Quiz (Page 44)
Use diagrams and images to make a model of an echidna. Use modeling clay for the base and copper wire (or another suitable material) for the quills. Stick the quills in the base before the clay sets. Spray-paint the entire echidna.


  • computer with Internet access (will be helpful for extension)
  • copies of the student activity sheets (see the link below)

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