Computer Activities: Conflict with England

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Social Studies

Grade 3- 5


In this activity, students will create a multimedia project as the culmination of their study of the events of the American Revolution era.


Put the students into groups of two. Give groups guidelines for their research which indicate what areas are to be covered. In general, they are required to focus on major issues and events during each of the following years: 1754, 1763, 1765, 1770, 1773, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1778, 1781, and 1783.
The students must complete note cards to prepare their research. They should have a separate card for each date on the time line with the date clearly written on each note card. They need to write complete and thorough notes on each event. Be sure they properly record the sources used on each note card.
Give the class a time line for the project. The students do their research and design the actual project format. The project must include a title page, a bibliography, a table of contents, and eleven slides/scenes/cards (one for each year). It must also include a graphic downloaded from the Internet, graphic imported from a clip art, at least two scanned graphics, text, an animated graphic, sound, and a digitized movie.
Students should use the Group Project Guidelines (page 125) as a checklist while they complete the project. The Self and Partner Evaluation (page 126) makes a nice assessment after the project is completed.
Students can extend their research into areas that especially interest them. They can also stretch the technological boundaries by including more scanned images or integrating digital movies more fully.


  • PowerPoint, HyperStudio, Scene Slate, or another multimedia program
  • Internet connection
  • copies of Group Project Guidelines (page 125) for the groups
  • copies of Self and Partner Evaluation (page 126) for the groups
  • American Revolution research materials and images

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