Sequential Directions

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Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process

Grade 3- 5


Students learn the importance of precise directions when drawing a map or giving directions to a specific location.


Discuss with students the importance of giving precise directions. Have some fun by having one student provide oral directions for another blindfolded student. (Be sure that there are no safety hazards.)
Distribute the Sequential Words reference sheet to students and discuss the use of these words.
Distribute the Treasure Map activity sheet and, as a class, provide directions to the treasure. Emphasize to students the important information needed to write any directions.

  • Include directional words such as east, west, north, south, right, and left.
  • Include appropriate sequential and number words.
  • Name important landmarks.
  • Be certain to provide directions in the correct order.
  • If one is not available, draw a simple map.

Present examples of places to which students may write directions:
  • from home to school
  • to the mall from home
  • to the grocery store from home
  • to the playground from the classroom
  • from the classroom to the library
  • from the classroom to the lunchroom
  • to the theater from home
  • to the home from theater
  • to the shopping center from home
  • from school to the nearest park

Allow the students to add to the list above. Let each student choose one item from the list and use the My Map activity sheet to write directions. The students can share their directions and find out if their classmates can determine the locations involved.


  • Treasure Map activity sheet (one per student)
  • My Map activity sheet (one per student)
  • Sequential Words reference sheet (one per student)
  • pencils or pens

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