Design Your Dream Bedroom

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Mathematics, Geometry, Measurement (includes Time)

Grade 3- 5


In this activity, students will use geometric concepts, properties, and relationships in problem-solving situations and communicate the reasoning used in solving these problems.


Tell the students the following scenario. Record the important facts on the board as you tell them.
You and your family are moving to a new house. Included is the floor plan for your bedroom (page 64). Your parents have agreed to allow you to choose and arrange your own bedroom furniture as long as you meet these criteria: You must include a sleeping area, a work area, a play area, and appropriate walk space. You must select from the parent-approved furniture provided (page 65). Using a drawing program, draw the floor plan of your own bedroom, including furniture placement (one 1/4" square = 1 square foot). Then, using a word processing program, write a description of your new bedroom. In your description, include which furniture you chose and why; where you put the furniture and why; and evidence that you met the criteria set by your parents.
The students could plan the layout of their entire homes, classrooms, school, etc.


  • copies of the two student sheets (see the link below)
  • AppleWorks, Microsoft Works, or another drawing program
  • Microsoft Word, AppleWorks, or other word processing program

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