Game: What State Are You In?

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Social Studies, Geography

Grade 3- 5


Students practice and review knowledge of major U.S. cities.


This activity is great for helping students identify to which states major U.S. cities belong. None of the cities on the cards are state capitals, which provides an extra challenge for students.
Copy the game cards on cardstock. You might want to decorate the back of the cards with a sticker such as a flag or another symbol. If possible, laminate the cards, then cut them out.
Before students begin playing the game, use a map to review well-known cities in different states. See how many cities students can think of. Find each city on the map and point it out to students.
Game Rules:
Shuffle the cards and place them face down.
Turn the first card up and show it or read it to students.
If a student knows the state in which the city is found, he or she can raise his or her hand to answer the question.
Check the answer key for the correct answer and score as follows: Correct answer-Win 2 points, card goes to discard pile. Incorrect answer-Lose 2 points, card goes to bottom of pile.
When all the cards are used or when game time is over, the player with the most points is the winner.


  • game cards
  • cardstock of any color on which to print game cards
  • paper and pencil for keeping score

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