Countries of Africa

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Social Studies, Geography

Grade 3- 5


Students learn about the different countries of Africa.


Discuss with students the origins of African American history month. In 1926, a scholar named Carter Woodson felt that African Americans did not know about the achievements of their collective past. He instituted Negro History Week as a time to learn about and celebrate these past achievements. In 1976, this celebration became a month-long one, and is seen as a time to reflect on achievements and contributions that may still be too little known.
This activity can be used as an introduction to the origins of African Americans, and as a study of the continent in the past and today.
Make one set of country cards by cutting out the six cards and the six flags from the activity pages. Glue them back to back.
Divide the class into six groups. Distribute one country card to each group and a map of Africa to each student. Give each group time to read the information on their card and research further information about the country. Have each student color the country on the map of Africa, write a paragraph about it, and draw pictures of its flag and main products.
Regroup the class so that students with the same countries are in different groups. Have students take turns presenting their countries to the group. If necessary, let students check the country cards for extra information.
Extension Ideas:

  • Have each student make a full set of country cards. Color the flags using an encyclopedia for reference.
  • Have students combine their map pages to make a Big Book. Make dividers for each of the countries.
  • Take away the country cards and have the different groups compete to see who knows the most about the countries.
  • Have students describe each country flag and draw it on the board from memory.
  • Repeat activities for other African countries chosen by students.


  • Countries of Africa activity pages
  • Map of Africa
  • encyclopedias and other reference books
  • glue
  • scissors
  • markers
  • crayons

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