Languages Around the World

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Social Studies

Grade 3- 5


Students translate English sentences into other languges.


For this activity, students will need to access two Web sites. Links to these sites can be found at the Teacher Created Materials Web site at the following address:
Have students click on the links to page 8, sites 1 and 2.
Ask students if they know any languages other than English. Discuss how to say hello or other common phrases in the different languages that students know.
Distribute the activity sheet to students. Explain to them that they will be learning to read and say common phrases in other languages.
Go to the translation Web site. Show students how to type the sentence to be translated in the text box. They will then use the menu to beside the text box to select the method of translation and press the Translate button.
Extension Ideas

  • Make a class dictionary of how to say hello or some other common phrase in as many languages as the class can find.
  • Students can also do reports on languages that use a non-Western alphabet.


  • Languages Around the World activity sheet
  • computer with Internet access
  • pencils or pens

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