Game: Turkey Put Together

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Social Studies

Grade 1- 3


Students play a game using a common symbol of Thanksgiving.


Discuss turkey parts and show a picture of turkey.
Game Directions:

  1. Divide the class into two teams. This can be done by numbering off by 1s and 2s. As the children say their number, have them put that number of fingers up to remember which team they're on.
  2. Give each player a turkey part. Each team should have enough parts to complete a turkey.
  3. Have all the players on each team line up behind a starting line with their turkey part. (This can be drawn with chalk on the floor or rug.)
  4. On the signal, "GO!" the first player in each line runs up and puts his/her turkey part on the flannel board, then runs back and touches the hand of the next team member. This continues until all members have had a turn and the turkey is complete. If the turkey is not put together correctly, the last member of each team needs to rearrange it so it will look like a turkey.
  5. The first team to complete its turkey and have all players back in line is the winning team.
Leave the turkey parts out in a center and let the children take turns putting it together with a partner or by themselves.
Write the name of the turkey part on the back of each piece. Let the child put it together on the table or floor using the back sides with words facing up.
Mix up the parts of the two turkeys between the two teams and see if they can cooperatively put the turkeys together.


  • two sets of turkey parts glued on felt or paper from the Turkey Put Together activity sheet
  • one large flannel board or two smaller flannel boards

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