Story Dolls

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Language Arts, Writing, Journaling, Oral Language, Speaking, Art, Mediums

Grade 1- 3


Students express themselves through art and writing.


This activity allows the students to express themselves through art and writing simultaneously. The students can use the patterns on the following pages to create paper doll versions of themselves. They should add yarn for hair, buttons for eyes, and sequins, glitter, rickrack, ribbon, etc., for all of the other details.

On the bodies of the dolls, ask the students to each attach a small book of autobiographical information. Make photocopies of the circular pattern for the students' books. You might want to set up some page guidelines similar to these.

Cover: title and author
Page 1: full name and age
Page 2: parents'/guardians' names
Page 3: siblings' names and ages
Page 4: pets' names
Page 5: what I want to be when I grow up

Staple the pages together onto the body of the paper doll to make a book. Patterns are available on pages 51 and 52.

Ask the students to share their projects with their classmates. (Note: This makes a great "get to know you" activity at the beginning of the school year.) Display the finished autobiographical dolls and books around the classroom.


  • patterns from the activity pages
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • craft materials such as yarn, buttons, sequins, glitter, rickrack, ribbon, etc.

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