I Imagine

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Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, Oral Language, Listening, Speaking

Grade 1- 3


Students use descriptive and imaginative language to encourage a response.


Discuss with students the importance of using sensory words to describe objects. Share with them an excerpt from a book or poem they know that uses a sensory description of objects. There are countless good examples.

Review sensory words used to describe objects. Talk about words referring to size or weight, shape, texture, sound, and smell. Select a few objects around the classroom and have students use sensory words to describe them.

Tell students that they will write stories about animals. These animals can be real or imaginary. They will be reading these stories to the class. They will have to write good descriptions so that when they read their stories, the other students in the class will know exactly how to draw the animals that are being described.


  • I Imagine activity sheet (one for each student)
  • pencils
  • paper
  • crayons

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