Mexican Relic: Teamwork Puzzle

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Social Studies

Grade 1- 3


This activity gives students the opportunity to discover how teamwork can be used for problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Background Information
The Colossal Head is an Olmec relic discovered near San Lorenzo at the archeological site of La Venta in Tabasco. The head is 9 feet (2.7 m) tall and weighs over 20 tons (18 metric tons).
It was probably created during the early to middle Pre-Classic period about 1000 b.c. It is now at the Villahermosa Open-air Museum.

  1. Duplicate the picture on page 37.
  2. Cut the duplicated picture into quarters.
  3. Copy each quarter at 200% larger.
  4. Cut each duplicated quarter into quarters and duplicate each piece again at 200% larger.
  5. Hand out the sixteen pieces to the class or team. Have the students color the pieces any way they would like.
  6. Have students reassemble the 16 pieces into a large, colorful mural to display for the rest of the school.
  1. You may choose to show students the picture before they attempt to solve it, or you may keep the finished picture a surprise.
  2. You can duplicate the 16 pieces and keep dividing and enlarging to make a larger and more complicated finished project.


  • copies of the picture (see attachment below)

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