Making Our World Better

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Social Studies

Grade 1- 3


In these activities, students navigate Web sites and find required information; identify some of the characteristics and elements of our nation; complete a Web diagram for themselves and another person; and identify ways to keep their community healthy and help save the environment.


The ABCs of Our Nation
Some of the words may be difficult for the students so you may want to go over them as a class. Have a discussion about what the United States means to them.
What Makes Us Special?
This can be a good classroom community-building activity. Discuss the importance of having many different types of people in a community to get all the necessary jobs done.
How You Can Help
Have students discuss what they know about the environment. Challenge students to do the suggestions on this Web site for a week and have each student keep a journal of what he or she did and how he or she felt about it.


  • computer with Internet access
  • pencil or pen
  • copies of the activity sheets (see the link below)

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