What Is a Pond?

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Science, Life Science

Grade 1- 3


Students learn about the animals and plants that live in a pond.


  1. Explain to students that when they visit a pond, they will see a variety of different plants and animals. Create a chart of some of the animals students think they might meet at a pond. Include a column to write the sounds the students think the animals might make.
  2. Play a recording of environmental sounds that showcase the pond. Have students listen quietly for a few moments with their eyes closed. What kinds of animals do they visualize? Add these animal names and sounds to the chart.
  3. Create a classroom pond symphony. Ask students to choose one of the animals of the pond and imitate the sound that animal makes. Begin with the sound of one student and add more sounds of the pond, one at a time, until the entire classroom is filled with this wildlife chorus.
  4. Distribute the What Is a Pond? activity sheet to students. Have them use the class chart to help them think of animals and plants to add to the pond scene.


  • What Is a Pond? activity sheet (one per student)
  • pencils
  • coloring materials

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