Computer Activity: Meet the Corals

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Science, Earth and Space Science, Life Science

Grade 3- 5


In this activity, students will learn about various types of coral in our oceans and create their own coral garden by hand or using a drawing program.


This assignment allows the students to go on a virtual field trip to different coral gardens that exist in our oceans. When they travel, they first go to Fisheye View Cam to see the different corals.
Show the students how to access the Fisheye View Cam Web site through the Teacher Created Materials Web site for this book:
Go to
Click on Page 94, Site 1
Students can then travel to Sea World's Coral and Coral Reefs Web site for more research.
Go to
Click on Page 95, Site 1
The students work on this assignment independently and must read and answer the questions on the Meet the Corals Online assignment sheet (pages 94-95). When this is completed, they draw their own coral garden either in a drawing program or on paper.
Students can extend their research to learn how pollution is endangering many coral gardens around the world.


  • AppleWorks, Microsoft Works, or other drawing program
  • Internet connection
  • drawing materials (optional)
  • copies of Meet the Corals Online (see the link for activity pages below) for the students

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