Using Graphs and Charts

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Mathematics, Data Analysis and Probability

Grade 1- 3


Children complete charts ("T" tables) to obtain needed information for the activity. They are introduced to the idea of "pattern" and "function." Children manipulate numbers to reach a certain criteria and read a graph to obtain information. They also show through pictures, words, and numbers how they solved each problem.


The practice pages need to be completed in order as information is needed from one work sheet in order to complete the next work sheet.
Before doing the practice pages, go over the concept of "pattern" and "function" with the children (the idea of changing numbers by a specific number). For example, I put 9 peanuts in the box and took 11 peanuts out. I put 5 peanuts in the box and took 7 peanuts out. What is the rule? (The rule is + 2.) Show the children how to use a "T" table to chart their answers.

In Out Rule
3 5 The rule is + 2
Two is added to each number.
15 17
1 3

In Out Rule
7 2 The rule is -5
Five is subtracted from each number.
9 4
11 6

Discuss with the children the idea of "estimating" the number of miles traveled (page 38) so that the Wilson family won't travel more than 110 miles in each day. Have the children share strategies they might want to use in order to do this. When possible, have them show how they solved each problem, either through words, numbers, pictures, and/or labels on their practice pages or on a separate piece of paper.


  • scratch paper
  • calculator (optional)

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