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Language Arts, Writing, Grammar

Grade 1- 3


Students learn about and practice using adjectives.



Adjectives are words that tell us more about nouns or pronouns by describing them, adding detail, or refining their meanings. First and second grade students can refer to adjectives as describing words.By using adjectives, we can add meaning and interest to sentences.
The kind girl showed the old lady the way.
The savage dog chased the frightened boy.
The playful dog chased the laughing boy.
The rude girl shoved the disabled lady.

Children should be encouraged to think about the adjectives they choose and to steer away from adjectives that have become meaningless through overuse, such as "nice" and "good."
It was a nice day. It was a sunny day.
That was a good story. That was an exciting story.

Like "nice" and "good," these are also considered overused adjectives that should be replaced with more exact choices: fine, grand, funny, awful, lovely, terrible, crazy, adorable, sweet, cool, cute.

Teaching Strategies
Describe the picture
Display a large poster to the class. Have children orally describe the different objects and people featured in the picture.

What color is the bird? The bird is yellow.
What type of tree is it? It is a big, shady tree.
What colors are the flowers? They are purple and red.

Character words
After reading a story to children, ask them to provide describing words for the characters.
What kind of person was Cinderella?
What words could we use to describe the ugly stepsisters?
What adjectives will help paint a picture of the prince?
Describe the noun
Have children suggest adjectives to describe nouns you have written on the chalkboard. Children could work in groups to compile lists of adjectives and then compare their lists with those of another group.
dog savage, big, friendly, black, loyal . . .

Follow the instructions:

Give children a piece of paper and have them follow your instructions to draw a noun modified by an adjective.
Draw a fat pig.
Draw a tall boy.
Draw a yellow roof.
Draw a happy girl.
Draw a fast boat.
Oral adjectives
Challenge children to orally supply adjectives for nouns you have written on the chalkboard.
A teacher should be_____________ and _____________.
A football player should be _____________ and _____________.
Have children supply the opposite of an adjective you have given in a sentence.
An elephant is large but a mouse is . . .
A fire is hot but ice is . . .
A nice challenge
Challenge children to create lists of adjectives that are more
meaningful than "nice" or "good." These could be displayed around the classroom for future reference.
a nice day a sunny day, an enjoyable day . . .
a good dog a loyal dog, an obedient dog . . .


  • adjectives activity sheets
  • pencils
  • paper

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