Connecting Body Parts

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Science, Life Science

Grade 1- 3


Students will learn the names of external body parts and then create funny bodies.


Lesson Preparation
Make a transparency of body parts. Color the eyes, hair, and clothing with a permanent felt pen. Cut them out and place them in an envelope for safekeeping.
Make a set of these pictures for each student.
Ask the students to stand and play a body game with you. Tell them that when you call out the name of a body part, they are to point to it. Call these parts in the following order: head, arms, hands, chest, abdomen, legs, feet. Call out the parts of the face for them to point to in the following order: eyes, nose, lips, and ears.
Change the game to check for comprehension by telling the students to give the name of the body and face parts you point to on your own body. Have them point to this part on themselves and say its name. Point out the body and face parts in order at first and then at random to be sure all know what the parts are called.
Distribute a piece of construction paper and the copies of the body parts to the students. Write the names of the body parts (not face parts) on the board and have them label their pictures. Let them color the eyes, hair, and clothing and then carefully cut them out, placing them on their construction paper as they do so.
Place the transparency pieces of the body and face parts on the overhead and ask two students to come up and assemble them. Leave the overhead projector light off as they do this and have the students assemble their body and face parts on their construction paper. Once all students have put their bodies together, turn on the overhead projector so they can see if they agree with the arrangement.
Turn off the projector light and tell the students that you are now going to make a new body from these parts. Turn on the light to show what this funny figure looks like. Tell them to rearrange their body parts to make a new body which is different from the one you did. Encourage them to make each body different from their neighbor's so they can see how many different ways there are to rearrange the body.
Have the students glue the parts of the newly created bodies on the construction paper. Place these on the bulletin board for them enjoy.


  • transparency and copies of the body parts (see downloadable PDF file)
  • permanent colored felt pens
  • pens or crayons for the students
  • scissors and glue
  • construction paper

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