Oddity Rhyming Strips

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Language Arts, Reading, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Oral Language, Listening, Speaking

Grade 1- 3


Students will practice identification of rhyming words. By comparing and contrasting pictures, students will practice identifying rhyming sounds.


Copy two blank oddity strip pages for each student plus extra pages for your examples. Copy each rhyming picture card page for every student, plus extra pages for your examples. Then, make four to six completed strips to use as examples. To do this, cut your extra copies of page 42 into strips and cut apart the rhyming picture cards. Next, glue (in any order) two rhyming pictures and one non-rhyming picture on each strip.


Seat the children at a table. Show them one of your prepared oddity rhyming strips. The lines in italics below should be read to the students.

Today I am going to show you several strips with three pictures. Two of the pictures will rhyme, and the other will be a trick picture, as it does not rhyme with the other two. Okay, let's begin.

Name the pictures with me. ____________, ____________, and ____________. (Student's name), which picture does not rhyme? Great! ____________ and ____________ are rhyming words, so the ____________ is the trick picture.

Continue with the other picture strips. Have the students name the rhyming pairs and identify the trick picture.

Now we are going to make our own rhyming strips. I will give you each some rhyming pictures and some oddity strips. We will look at the pictures to see if we can find a rhyming pair to glue on one of your strips. After we have glued on a rhyming pair, we will then add a trick picture to your strip.

Pass out the pages and assist the students as they make oddity rhyming strips. Continue making strips until the allotted time is up.

Take your rhyming strips home; see if your family can find which two pictures rhyme for each strip.


  • blank rhyming strips (see the link below for this page)
  • rhyming picture cards (see the activity page link below)
  • completed oddity rhyming strips
  • glue

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