I Want to Be Just Like You!

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Social Studies

Grade 3- 5


The student will explore biographical information to gain new knowledge about people of eminence; compare and contrast people of eminence; recognize the differences between being great and being famous; identify a personality whom he/she would most like to emulate; and participate in a self-examination in order to set goals which will bring him/her closer to recognizing a personal improvement goal.


Through a study of people of eminence, our students come to a closer relationship with history because much of it can be appreciated on a more personal level than when it is studied through dates and battles and events. Attaching a face and a name to a movement or period in history and experiencing that individual's struggle can promote new levels of understanding.

Activity One

Compare and Contrast-What similarities and differences are there among people of eminence?

Activity Two

Famous or Great?-Is there a difference between being "famous" and being "great"?

Activity Three

From Here to There-What would I have to do in order to become more like one of these people I admire?
Have the students work on the activity pages in order to be able to respond to these key questions.


  • copies of the activity sheets (see the link below)

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