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Mathematics, Data Analysis and Probability

Grade 3- 5


The student will record, analyze, and interpret raw data. The student will use graphic organizers to manage raw data. The student will compare large numbers in a meaningful context. The student will organize information in order to draw conclusions. The student will explore the nature of population accounting. The student will participate in recordkeeping based on a dynamic subject.


In this Age of Information, we must equip our students with information management skills which will help them to become better problem solvers and mathematicians. Studies of our population give students an almost unlimited supply of dynamic raw data to use while learning information management skills. In addition, working with population statistics and figures helps students gain a new understanding of their place in an ever-changing world. In this hunt your students will have the opportunity to collect and analyze raw data. The activity sheets provided aid your students in collecting and organizing their data. Once completed, these data sheets should serve as the ingredients of class discussions and comparisons.
Activity One
Look! There's Another One!---How fast are we growing?
Activity Two
Five Minutes in America---How much does the U.S. population change in five minutes?


  • copies of the two activity sheets (see the link below)

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