Internet Trips of Culture: The Statue of Liberty

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Social Studies, United States History

Grade 3- 5


Part of the spirit that is our American culture is the pride we feel when we see our flag flapping in a summer breeze, when we see bursts of fireworks in the July sky, or when we hear our national anthem. These symbols are part of the fabric of life in America. Perhaps one of the best-known symbols is the Statue of Liberty --that green-tinted goddess of freedom and protection. Let's take a trip and visit her.


The Trip
Activity One: Pre-Trip Quiz!
Key Question: Does it help to think about a place before going there?
Activity Two: How Tall is a Legend?
Key Question: Can knowing one measurement of one part of an object lead you to figuring out its other measurements?
Activity Three: The Symbols of a Nation
Key Question: What do our country's national symbols represent?
Focus Web Site
The Statue of Liberty: Photo Tour
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Click on page 78, site 1
Companion Sites
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The Statue of Liberty: Student Project
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The Statue of Liberty: Live Cam
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The National Anthem: The Star Spangled Banner
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The American Bald Eagle
Click on page 78, site 5
I Am the Flag
Click on page 78, site 6
The Liberty Bell 1
Click on page 78, site 7
The Liberty Bell 2
Click on page 78, site 8


The student will take time to think about a place before visiting it.
The student will use pre-instruction data to evaluate progress.
The student will produce a grid drawing of an object.
The student will use a known measurement to estimate unknown measurements.
The student will collect and organize specific data from an online resource.
The student will interpret and synthesize data into a key phrase.

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