Nursery Rhymes

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Language Arts, Writing, Editing, Writing Process, Art, Mediums, Techniques

Grade 1- 3


In this activity, students will use the drawing tool to illustrate nursery rhymes and print pictures with teacher assistance.


Begin this lesson by sharing several nursery rhymes with the students. Using a graphics program, students will be illustrating their favorite nursery rhymes. Before having the students go to the computer, have them plan their drawings on Nursery Rhyme Art (page 23). The planning sheet has a place for each student to write the nursery rhyme and a place for a sketch of the picture. Remind students to write the names and authors (if known) of the nursery rhymes they are using.

Demonstrate how to use the drawing tools to illustrate the nursery rhymes the students have heard. Have students type or stamp the title and/or text of the nursery rhymes to the left of their drawings.
Once the pictures are complete, have the students print their masterpieces and color them (if the students printed in black and white).

As an extension, have students illustrate a number of nursery rhymes this way and make their own nursery rhyme collection books.


  • Kid Pix or other graphics program
  • printer
  • copies of nursery rhymes
  • copies of Nursery Rhyme Art (see link below) for the students

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