Inventing Circuits

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Science, Physical Science

Grade 3- 5


Students will apply what they have learned about circuits and develop combinations of them to increase their understanding of how they work.


Give students worksheets and have them predict if the circuits will or will not work.Distribute the materials to each student and then divide students into groups of three.Let each group use their equipment to see how to find a way to make the circuits work which would not light the bulbs.
For Discussion
Have students compare their worksheets to show their answers and how they corrected the circuits that would not work. Check them for accuracy.
Follow Up
After students have completed the worksheet, have them do the Challenge by inventing their own circuits. They should draw them on the backs of the worksheets and identify them as parallel or series circuits.
Have each group show their circuit invention.


  • copy of Will the Circuit Work? (see the activity sheet link below) for each student
  • 8 wires per group
  • 2 batteries per group
  • 2 battery holders per group
  • 4 sockets per group
  • 4 bulbs per group

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