Reef Attack

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Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, Science, Earth and Space Science

Grade 3- 5


The student will locate the coral reefs of the world; read, collect, and organize information from an online resource; summarize and restate nonfiction text in a meaningful way; work with a partner to create a product; analyze nonfiction text in order to extrapolate answers; and compare estimated answers with actual answers.


The coral reefs of this world are some of the most beautiful sights to behold. The sad truth that they are in such danger should bring us to immediate action. In this Trip to the Water, your students will visit the coral reefs in hopes of finding ways to protect them.
Locating Reefs in Trouble
Key Question: Where are coral reefs located, and which ones are in danger?
Directions: Students will use the Coral Reefs Web site to complete this activity. They can check out the coral reef map and take note of how few coral reefs there are in the world. Or they can click on the hot spots, those areas where the coral reefs are in danger. As they click through the map, they can use the activity sheet to take notes on the dangers to the coral reef. When they're through, they'll use this information to draft a letter of concern to the people, businesses, or government of that area and explain to them what they think should be done to protect the precious coral reefs.
So, What Can I Do?
Key Question: What can students do to help protect the coral reefs?
Directions: Students will use the Web sites to learn more about the coral reefs - what they are, how they work, what they do, how they're in danger. After they're done, they'll get together with a partner and discuss an answer to this question: What can I do to help save the coral reefs? After brainstorming a list of ideas on the left side of this activity page, they'll go to the Things You Can Do to Help the Coral Reef Web site. While there, they will take notes on the right side of the activity page. Then they'll compare the two sides of their activity sheet.


  • copies of activity sheets
  • Internet access

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