Make a Peace Windsock

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Social Studies, Art, Mediums

Grade 1- 3


Students will design windsocks to symbolize their feelings about peace.


Have the students think about what pictures symbolize peace to them. Discuss what peace means during times when the country is not at war as opposed to times when the country is at war. Have them share what they know about the situation in the Middle East. Share with them whatever you feel is appropriate about the situation. This will vary based on what grade you teach and where you are located. (Those schools with a high military population will probably have more to share about this topic.)
Have the students follow the directions on the activity page to make their windsocks. When they are completed, you can hang them in the school, allow the students to take them home, or find another way to share the peacefully pieces of art with others.


  • copies of the directions page (see link below)
  • red and white crepe paper streamers
  • blue construction paper, 9 x 18 inches (23 x 45 cm)
  • glue, stapler, scissors, and tape
  • white chalk or silver glitter
  • yarn or string

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