Identifying Mammals

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Science, Life Science

Grade 3- 5


Students will navigate their way around Web sites and find required information, identify the common characteristics of a mammal, examine the characteristics of a mammal, explore the diets of different mammals, and compare the different body parts of mammals.


Web Site(s)
Students need to access the TCM Web page
They then click on the link to the page on which they are working.
Allow the children time to familiarize themselves with the Web site before starting the activity sheets.
Teaching Suggestions
What is a Mammal?--1
Have a variety of mammal pictures available for the children to view.
Have a variety of other resources such as dictionaries and non-fiction books available to assist the children in their research.
Identify mammals that live in the area in which the children live. Discuss the common characteristics of the mammals.
What is a Mammal?--2
As an introduction to the lesson, use pictures of mammals to identify the different types of limbs that mammals can have.
Discuss how the limbs are used and how their use differs from mammal to mammal.
Examine the features of different mammal limbs and relate them to their use.


  • computer with Internet access
  • Internet Activity Pages
  • pencil or pen

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