The Daily News

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Language Arts, Writing, Journaling

Grade 1- 3


Students use headlines to recall and write about important events in the school day.


The Daily News can be done with the whole class at circle time, at the beginning or end of the school day, or individually in daily news journals. The purpose of this activity is for the students to recall and write about something that they did during the school day (or the prior school day if you are doing this activity in the morning). The students might write about a new math concept, a new set of spelling words, a field trip, a school assembly, etc. This will involve the students in writing in a non-threatening manner. This activity might also help open up parent-child communication. When the students go home and their parents ask, "What did you learn today?", the students will have an answer instead of the usual, "Nothing!"

If you should choose to do this activity as a whole class, copy the record on page 29 on chart paper or make an overhead transparency copy. The chart paper can be laminated, and the students can use erasable pens to write on the laminated chart paper. At the end of the week, just spray the chart with window cleaner and wipe off the sentences. If you are using an overhead projector, photocopy the transparency at the end of the week. Send home a copy with each student. This will help keep the parents informed about what is happening in the classroom.

About halfway through the year, the students can begin making their own copies of The Daily News. As a whole class, talk about the different things that happened during the day. Each student can then write his or her own sentence about the day. At the end of the week, the students can take their daily records home and share them with their families.


  • The Daily News activity sheet
  • pencils

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