Imaginary Insect Zoo

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Science, Life Science, Art, Mediums

Grade 3- 5


Students will make imaginary insects which have the essential characteristics of an insect, such as six legs and three body parts.


Lesson Preparation
Send letters to the parents requesting their assistance in gathering materials to use in creating fanciful insects.
Assemble a variety of materials students can use in their construction, such as cardboard, crepe paper, paint, paper clips, and other school supplies.
Set up a hot-glue area (operated by an adult) if students need creations glued this way.
Place colorful and unusual insect pictures on a bulletin board. Put books of insects nearby.

As a post test, give the pretest Is This an Insect? that was used at the beginning of the study of insects. Have students discuss the results of the test and encourage them to tell how they can distinguish an insect from a noninsect.
Explain that students are going to make an insect zoo from imaginary insects that they create. Distribute the parent letter to each student and read and discuss it so they know what to collect for their insect constructions.
Show students the pictures of insects on the bulletin board and in books you have provided. Let them examine these to get some ideas about the materials they might need to make an insect.
After collecting materials, place them in a central area, permitting students to share the materials if they wish to do so. Review what makes an insect different from a noninsect.
Let students work on their imaginary insects. Allow sufficient time, perhaps several days.

Distribute copies of the data sheet This Is My Insect to students and let them complete it to tell about their creation.
Set aside an area for the insect zoo and arrange the students' insect models in it. Put each child's description with his or her model. Have students make invitations for other classes and parents, inviting them to visit the zoo.


  • variety of items for construction of insects (e.g., pipe cleaners, egg cartons, cellophane)
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • white glue
  • pictures of a variety of colorful and unusual insects
  • copies of parent letter (page 46)
  • copies of data sheet This Is My Insect (page 47)

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