Checking Account

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Mathematics, Measurement (includes Time), Operations (+, -, x, /, etc.), Problem Solving

Grade 3- 5


Students write checks and fill out deposit slips. They record withdrawals and deposits in check registers. Students review adding and subtracting with decimals.



  1. Ask students to brainstorm a list of things for which they might pay using checks. Then have them create a list of reasons they might need to make deposits.
  2. Distribute copies of the Sample Check and Deposit Slip to students. Show the transparency, and discuss how to complete these forms.
  3. Give the blank Check and Deposit Slip Forms to students. Ask students to practice writing checks to local businesses. Have them practice writing deposit slips for different amounts.
  4. Discuss the purpose of keeping a check register. Provide copies of the register to students. Use the transparency to talk about the sample. Ask volunteers to help you make withdrawals and deposits on the blank register at the bottom of the transparency.
  5. Encourage students to make their own registers for some imaginary deposits and withdrawals.
Follow-Up Activities:
  1. Take a field trip to a local bank, or invite a bank employee to speak to your class.
  2. Show students a variety of check designs. Then have them create their own designs.
  3. Have students compare/contrast different local banks and what they offer customers.


  • Sample Check and Deposit Slip (page 27), transparency and one copy per student
  • Check and Deposit Slip Forms (page 28), several copies per student
  • Keeping a Check Register (page 29), transparency and one copy per student

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