Pets All Around

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Mathematics, Data Analysis and Probability, Science, Life Science

Grade 1- 3


Students learn about the responsibilities of pet ownership. They tally the type of pets kept by their classmates to determine which pets are the most common, which are the least, which are easiest to look after, and which are hardest to look after.


Explain to the students how to make a tally using an example on the board.
If possible, have students bring photos of their pets to class. Make a chart of all the photos. If students don't have pets, ask them to talk about the pet of a friend or family member instead. Discuss experiences students have had with pets.
Ask students how pets are different from animals in the wild. Talk about the special care pets need from their owners. Use a discussion of the questions below to brainstorm with the class all the things that pets need.
What does your pet eat?
Where does your pet sleep?
How long does your pet sleep?
What toys does your pet have?
How do you play with your pet?
What does your pet need (e.g., collar, leash)?
Distribute copies of the activity sheets to students.


  • Pets All Around activity page
  • pencils
  • photos of pets (optional)

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