A Postage Stamp . . . A Drawing Activity

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Social Studies, Art, Techniques

Grade 1- 3


The students will use a paint/draw program to design a postage stamp in honor of a special person.


Before the Computer:
Brainstorm a list of people in the school who help students. Discuss why these people are special and describe the ways that they help students. Explain that some postage stamps are designed to honor people for their accomplishments. Show the students examples of stamps that honor special people. Talk about why these people were honored. Help the students choose a person in the school to honor by designing a special stamp to commemorate his or her life.
On the Computer:
Have the students use the paint/draw application to design a postage stamp that shows why their chosen person is special.
To create the template: You can create a template for the students in a drawing or paint application. Name the file Postage Stamp and save it as a stationery file. Then students can open the stationery file and design their individual stamps.
After the Computer:
Have students share their postage stamps with the class.
Extended Activities:
Have students design postage stamps to honor themselves. Tell how they would want to be remembered on a postage stamp.
Students can design postage stamps to honor your school or your community.


see the activity page for a sample, teacher-created template
you can use the activity page if you choose not to complete this activity on the computer
Computer Software: ClarisWorks or Microsoft Works

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