Counting More or Less

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Mathematics, Algebra and Function, Problem Solving

Grade 1- 3


Students learn about the concept of greater than and less than.


Teaching the Lesson
Before doing the activities, practice counting from 0 to 10 with the children. Ask the children to show you a certain number of fingers or counters or to draw a certain number of stars, happy faces, circles, etc. (For example: "Show me 3 fingers" or "Show me 7 toothpicks.")
Introduce the concept of greater than and less than through the use of pictures. Go over the vocabulary with the children and have them show you "more than 5 fingers" or "less than 2 fingers," etc., before beginning the activity.

Extension Idea
Have the children make flashcards using 3" x 5" (8 cm x 13 cm) index cards and stamps or stickers. Place a specific number of stamps or stickers on each card and write the corresponding number on the back. The children can count the items and then check their counting by reading the number on the back. They can also make the corresponding number of items on a separate sheet of paper.


  • a number line to 10, made from a sentence strip, a piece of 2" x 18"
  • (5 cm x 46 cm) construction paper, or written across the top of the page
  • counters (bottle caps, pennies, counting cubes, paper clips, buttons, craft sticks, beans, etc.)
  • pattern blocks
  • pencils
  • Counting More or Less activity sheet

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