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Holiday Craft: Paper Plate Snowman

Don’t you just love holiday crafts? I wanted to share a fun holiday craft I’ve been doing with my class every Christmas. Paper Plate Snowman By Brenda Strickland Materials •        1 large paper plate •        1 chenille stick (pipe cleaner) •        2 large pompoms •        Orange construction paper scraps (for nose) •        Red paper or … Continue reading Holiday Craft: Paper Plate Snowman »

Fall Crafts: Leaf Fox & Fall Tree

Fall is in the air in Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, and we’ve already started making tons of creative fall crafts! Leaf Fox To create this fall leaf craft for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students, I picked some leaves from my yard. My students made foxes just like this using different colored leaves. The … Continue reading Fall Crafts: Leaf Fox & Fall Tree »

Happy Campers Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is a great example of using items you have at home and recycling it for classroom use. I had camouflage print napkins leftover from a party and decided to use them for a Happy Campers Bulletin Board. I made little tents by cutting the party napkins into triangles and laminating them. While … Continue reading Happy Campers Bulletin Board »

Math Manipulative Games

Many teachers know that manipulatives are helpful for teaching math to kids, especially younger kids. Using physical objects is a hands-on approach to learning math that helps kids develop math concepts. Pairing number spinners with counters is a great way to teach math by allowing kids to problem solve and count. Here are some great math … Continue reading Math Manipulative Games »