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Holiday Craft: Paper Plate Snowman

Don’t you just love holiday crafts? I wanted to share a fun holiday craft I’ve been doing with my class every Christmas. Paper Plate Snowman By Brenda Strickland Materials •        1 large paper plate •        1 chenille stick (pipe cleaner) •        2 large pompoms •        Orange construction paper scraps (for nose) •        Red paper or … Continue reading Holiday Craft: Paper Plate Snowman »

Shamrock Potato Print Stamps

Kids will need a teacher or parent to assist them in creating this charming St. Patrick’s Day craft. Materials Potato Shamrock cookie cutter Knife Pencil or Pen Green Paint Styrofoam or thick paper plate White construction paper Let’s Do it! Teachers or parents help the kids cut the potato in half. Use a shamrock shaped … Continue reading Shamrock Potato Print Stamps »

Valentine’s Day Classroom Project: Assorted Sweeties

  Love is in the air! The inspiration for this Assorted Sweeties Valentine’s Day bulletin board came from page 39 in TCR’s book-Seasonal Activities: Winter. To create this Valentine’s Day project, you should start by having the students create their own “sweeties” to fill a big heart shaped box on a bulletin board. Students will gain fine-motor … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Classroom Project: Assorted Sweeties »

New Year Crafts and Activities

Hi!  My name is Greg, better known as The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  I love to share ideas for teaching and learning with lots of glitter, glam and mustaches! I am honored to be a guest blogger for Teacher Created Resources. Today, I’d like to share a fun and simple New Year craft and math activity that you can … Continue reading New Year Crafts and Activities »