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10 Terrific Ways to Use Library Pockets

Library Pockets aren’t just for checking out books. They are so versatile, you can use them in many creative ways in the classroom.  As teachers start preparing for back to school, organization is key. You can use library pockets to stay organized with a classroom job chart, birthday bulletin board and more. Check out a few … Continue reading 10 Terrific Ways to Use Library Pockets »

Happy Campers Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is a great example of using items you have at home and recycling it for classroom use. I had camouflage print napkins leftover from a party and decided to use them for a Happy Campers Bulletin Board. I made little tents by cutting the party napkins into triangles and laminating them. While … Continue reading Happy Campers Bulletin Board »

How to Use Bulletin Boards

As a teacher, it is always a good idea to have interesting bulletin boards and displays around your room. These can satisfy a variety of needs, including the presentation of student work, the imparting of important information, and the reinforcement of key elements in the curriculum. Classroom Information Bulletin Boards Choose a bulletin board somewhere … Continue reading How to Use Bulletin Boards »