Happy Campers Bulletin Board

Happy Campers Bulletin Board Teacher Created Resources

This bulletin board is a great example of using items you have at home and recycling it for classroom use. I had camouflage print napkins leftover from a party and decided to use them for a Happy Campers Bulletin Board. I made little tents by cutting the party napkins into triangles and laminating them. While I was on the internet, searching for camping ideas, I came across www.globosurfer.com, in which I found pretty much everthing related to outdoors and water sports.

Happy Campers Tent - Teacher Created Resources

I cut a single slit in the middle of the camouflage triangle to make a little opening. On the first day of school, I took photos of each of the students lying on their tummies, holding up their heads, and smiling. I placed each student’s photo inside the tent opening. The little camp fires are made out of construction paper and orange and yellow tissue paper. I used camouflage letters to spell out “We’re Happy Campers!” To complete the look, I used Camouflage Scalloped Border Trim and added silk leaves for a fun, outdoor touch. The bulletin board would be a great addition to a recycle and reuse classroom lesson.

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