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Valentine’s Day Paper Wreath

Love is in the air! Here is an easy Valentine’s Day activity for your students to make and display in your classroom to add a festive feel for the holiday. 1) Have students trace two circles on a piece of paper. (Plates and bowls are good for this part.) Cut along the lines to create … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Paper Wreath »

New Year Crafts and Activities

Hi!  My name is Greg, better known as The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  I love to share ideas for teaching and learning with lots of glitter, glam and mustaches! I am honored to be a guest blogger for Teacher Created Resources. Today, I’d like to share a fun and simple New Year craft and math activity that you can … Continue reading New Year Crafts and Activities »

Christmas Craft for Kids: Hand Print Wreath

Have you added Christmas decorations to your classroom yet? Get your students in the holiday spirit with this simple Hand Print Wreath! Materials Green construction paper Red construction paper Paper plate Pencil Scissors Glue Yarn or ribbon Let’s Do It!! Wreath Cut a circle from the center of the paper plate so it looks like … Continue reading Christmas Craft for Kids: Hand Print Wreath »