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Easy Easter Paper Crafts

Here are two easy Easter crafts you can do with your kiddos using materials that you most likely already have. We’ve included directions for handprint bunnies and mosaic eggs. You’ll need just a few materials for each craft:• construction paper or craft paper • scissors• glue stick• pencil, pen, and marker• (optional: hole punch and … Continue reading Easy Easter Paper Crafts »

Craft Stick Reindeer

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is almost here and we’ve been creating fun holiday crafts for the classroom. The Craft Stick Reindeer is a popular holiday craft that requires very little prep work and uses materials that you may already have in the classroom. Materials • 2 ½ Craft Sticks • Brown Paint … Continue reading Craft Stick Reindeer »

Christmas Craft for Kids: Hand Print Wreath

Have you added Christmas decorations to your classroom yet? Get your students in the holiday spirit with this simple Hand Print Wreath! Materials Green construction paper Red construction paper Paper plate Pencil Scissors Glue Yarn or ribbon Let’s Do It!! Wreath Cut a circle from the center of the paper plate so it looks like … Continue reading Christmas Craft for Kids: Hand Print Wreath »