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100th Day of School Hat

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

100th day of school hat 1

The 100th day of school is coming up for many teachers and students. There are so many fun ways to celebrate. This 100th day of school hat project is a great idea for showing your students just how special they are and also reinforces counting and math skills.

100th Day of School Hat


  • 11 strips of paper (approx.  1″ x 11″). Note: 10 strips will be for the top of the hat, and 1 strip will go around the border trim.
  • 2″ wide strip of border trim  (for headband)
  • Art supplies such as stickers, beans, small pompoms or sequins, etc.
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Tape

100th Day of School Hat Directions:

  1. Fit the border trim to each student’s head and trim. Do not staple the headband together until the end.
  2. Use a paper strip to write “I am 100 Days Smarter!” Glue or staple the paper strip to the center of the border trim. Let dry.
  3. On each paper strip, put 10 small stickers or glue other small items on each strip. Try to leave an inch at both ends of the strip.  This will make it easier to attach the strips to the headband.  (Note: Making the 10 strips can be done over a period of days.)
  4. Tape the completed strips to the border trim.
  5. Have the students count the strips on the hat by tens to make sure there are 100 items!
  6. Glue the top of all 10 strips together.
  7. Celebrate the first 100 days of school!

Border trim used in photos is Fireworks Straight Border Trim

Find more 100th Day of School resources here.

Winter Bulletin Board: Smitten with Winter Words

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014
Smitten With Winter Words

Looking for a way to reboot and kick start learning after winter break? Welcome your students back to class with a fun winter-themed “Smitten with Winter Words” Bulletin Board. This board isn’t just for looks, it’s a winter-themed word wall so students can practice vocabulary words.

Here are the decorative items we used to create this bulletin board:

Aqua Chevron Border
Multicolor Stripe Ribbon Runner 
Black Mini Polka Dots Scalloped Border Trim
Mittens Accents
Snowflakes Accents
Big Bold Black & White Circle Letters
5″ Bling Letters with Jewels
Aqua Chevron Name Plates
Black Polka Dots Name Plates (flat)


  1. Use white bulletin board paper as the background.
  2. The sides of the bulletin board will be trimmed with three layers of border to really tie in all the winter colors. First, staple the Aqua Chevron Border Trim around the edges. Then use the purple side of the Multicolor Stripe Ribbon Runner just so it peeks out a little from the Aqua border, then add the Black Mini Polka Dots Scalloped Border Trim as the inside layer.
  3. Add seven Mitten Accents to the top of the board. Then add the word “Smitten” on top of the Mitten Accents using 5″ Bling Letters with Jewels. Add the words “with Winter Words”.
  4. Add Snowflake Accents to the bottom half of the bulletin board, leaving about 15” of space between each snowflake in order to make space for the word name plates.
  5. Choose which Circle Letters you will be using for your winter vocabulary words and staple them to the center of the Snowflake Accents.
  6. Write vocabulary words on the Name Plates that correspond to each letter and add them to the bulletin board
  7. Add a couple more Snowflake Accents around the inside corners of the bulletin board and around the top.

Switch out the Circle Letters and Name Plates to create new winter vocabulary words every week. Another variation to this word wall is that you could put up new letters each week, and have the students come up with a winter word that corresponds to each letter.

Craft Stick Reindeer

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Craft Stick Reindeer

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is almost here and we’ve been creating fun holiday crafts for the classroom. The Craft Stick Reindeer is a popular holiday craft that requires very little prep work and uses materials that you may already have in the classroom.

Craft Stick Reindeer Steps

• 2 ½ Craft Sticks
• Brown Paint
• Paintbrush
• Small Red Pompon
• 2 Plastic Wiggly Eyes
• Glue
• 2 Brown Pipe Cleaners (optional)


1. Paint the craft sticks brown.
2. Once the paint is dry, glue the two long sticks together to make a V.
3. Glue on the half stick to make an upside down A.
4. Glue on the two wiggly eyes and the pompon for the nose.
5. Attach a pipe cleaner on both ends of the upside down A.

More Ideas
• Instead of using craft sticks, you could make the reindeer out of small twigs.
• Turn your craft stick reindeer into a Christmas ornament by tying brown yarn where the sticks meet and tie a bow at the top.
• If you would like your craft stick reindeer to have a body, cut an oval and two short legs (one in front, and one in back) from a brown paper bag or brown construction paper.

To see the Craft Stick Reindeer activity and more classroom crafts, see the Art for All Seasons E-book.

Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props for the Classroom & Free Template

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props Free Template TCR

What better way to celebrate and capture what Thanksgiving is all about than with a fun classroom photo session. Create playful Thanksgiving photo booth props using borders, accents, and decorative items that you may already have in the classroom. You can use the free pilgrim hat and feather headband template here to trace and cut.  A great lesson idea would be to discuss the history of Thanksgiving, engage students in conversation about what they are most thankful for, and then end it with a fun photo booth and photo props session.

For each prop you will also need scissors, glue and a wooden dowel rod or any long stick. You can easily find them at any craft store.

Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props TCR Blog

Pilgrim Hat

Pilgrim Hat Photo Booth PropMaterials:
Black Construction paper
Zebra Chevron Dot Ribbon Runner
Orange Sassy Solids Double-Sided Border

1) Use the free pilgrim hat template to trace and cut a hat out of black construction paper
2) Cut Zebra Chevron Dot Ribbon Runner into a 5” strip and glue to hat
3) For the buckle, cut Orange Sassy Solids Double Sided Border into a 2” square and cut a smaller square within it and glue to ribbon runner
4) Glue pilgrim hat to wooden dowel rod


Feather HeadbandFeather Headband Photo Booth Prop

Black & White Chevrons Double-Sided Border
Purple Sassy Solids Double-Sided Border
Orange Sassy Solids Double-Sided Border
Yellow Mini Polka Dots Scalloped Border Trim
Lime Colorful Circle Scalloped Border Trim

1) Cut the Black & White Chevrons Double-Sided Border so that it is about 8” long
2) Use the free feather template to trace and cut four feathers out of border trim
3) Glue all four feather to the Black & White Chevrons Double-Sided Border
4) Glue feather headband to wooden dowel rod


Pumpkin Pie Photo Booth PropPumpkin Pie

Orange & Teal Wild Moroccan Pennants
Chocolate Polka Dots Scalloped Border Trim
Chevron Frames Mini Accents

1) To make the crust, cut Chocolate Polka Dots Scalloped Border Trim into a 6” strip and glue to the edge of the Orange Wild Moroccan Pennant
2) Turn the Chevron Frame Mini Accent over and glue to the middle of the pennant
3) Glue pumpkin pie to wooden dowel rod

Gobble GlassesTurkey Glasses Photo Booth Prop

Turkey Accents

1) Cut a 1” hole into the middle of two turkey accents and glue edges together
2) Glue Turkey accents to wooden dowel rod

Note: You could also use Turkey Mini Accents for mini gobble glasses


For the Bow props, we used these Bow Accents.

For the Gobble Gobble Word Sign we used Speech Thought Bubble Accents.

For the I’m Thankful for sign we used Green Sassy Solids Name Plates.

Have your class take photos behind a white wall or decorate the wall with pennants and border trim to create a photo booth area. Use the props to take solo Thanksgiving photos as a gift to parents. Don’t forget to take a silly class photo all together! Check out our Holiday & Seasonal Projects Pinterest Board for more Thanksgiving classroom activities.