How to Create the Ultimate Student Work Bulletin Board

Superhero Student Work Bulletin Board

On this Superhero-themed student work bulletin board we showcased student drawings. Students used Smart Start Story Paper to draw a photo and write a story about the things they like to do. Here are the materials you’ll need to create this amazing Superhero-themed student work board.

Materials Needed:

First, staple the blue butcher paper on your bulletin board. Take the red, blue, and yellow border trim and layer them on top of each other using double-sided tape. Staple the border to all 4 sides of your bulletin board. Punch out “Amazing Work” from your set Yellow Gold Classic 4” Letters Uppercase Pack, and staple the letters to the top center of the bulletin board. Take your piece of yellow gold ribbon; align it horizontally across the bulletin board and staple. Take the Polka Dot Clothespins and clip the student work on it. Continue to add student work, and more ribbon and clothespins if necessary. Decorate with accents from the Superhero Bulletin Board Set.  Your students will feel proud of their amazing work hanging up on this student work bulletin board.

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