Craft Sticks Activity: Learning Shapes

Craft Sticks Activity - Learning Shapes

Craft sticks are so versatile you can use them for nearly any learning activity. Today, we are using Plastic Craft Sticks and foam attributes to learn shapes.

  1. Choose a few shapes to use from the Foam Attribute Blocks Pack and set them aside. We started with square, triangle, and hexagon.
  2. Take Plastic Craft Sticks and separate them by color.
  3. For each set of craft sticks, write down the name of a shape and the number of sides it has on the stick with a marker. You can easily wipe off and rewrite on the craft sticks for other activities.
  4. Separate each set of plastic craft sticks by its shapes.
  5. Have students outline each shape using the correlating plastic craft sticks.

Have students choose a set of plastic craft sticks and have them count it. Once, they’ve counted the number of sides and learn what the shape is called, help them decide which foam shape it goes with.

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