Top ranked results from Google

You’ll find all the top ranked results from Google and other search engines, often in the bottom of the results section. That’s where a lot of your own traffic is ending up, especially if your site isn’t getting much traffic, making it tough to rank. The solution is to optimize your site for Google to be found in the right section of the results.

The 25 Best Ways to Increase Your Online Presence in 2021 (+Free Tools)

Bounce Rate

Just how important is bounce rate? It’s one of the number one things you should optimize for. When your site loads, users often find the best page to follow to find out where to buy your product or service. If users often leave your site without buying your stuff, you’ve probably lost a lot of potential customers. To win back those customers, it’s important to provide great landing pages and to continuously improve your website with best practices.

Not all links work the same way, so it’s also important to check how and when your site links to the sites that link to you. Using a cool tool like ahrefs will help you know what parts of your site are the most frequently getting links from third party sites.

Google’s new search algorithms also penalize websites with high bounce rates, as do paid links. If you have high bounce rates you might want to think about optimizing your pages for speed and for ranking well for rankings. If you don’t use paid links, then your bounce rate isn’t a problem, but you might want to look into optimizing your landing pages, visit this page to get all the details!

Keyword Difficulty

Depending on what you’re trying to rank for, different types of links might be more important than others. Some might increase your search rank, while others might make your site crawl faster or return fewer page views. They’re ranked in two different types of ways:

This type of link can give your site a higher ranking on Google, and sites with more of these are more likely to rank higher on search results.

This type of link isn’t as effective as those from verified source sites, because you’re more likely to see a “verified” page than a “fully-verified” page.

As long as you don’t get too dependent on this type of link, and as long as you’re ranking for keyword relevant keywords in the first place, then you’ll likely rank well for your term.

How to Improve Your Site’s Traffic and Conversions With RankRanger

Most people start out searching for their keywords (or in this case, on Google) and then get curious about what people are finding when they search for things related to them. Now, they’ve found a subject they’re interested in, and want to share it with their audience, they want to be notified that someone else is talking about the same subject.

RankRanger lets you send out emails to potential readers about a topic you’re interested in, including links to relevant articles, blog posts, forums, and more. The email works by monitoring keywords for results related to your own site, then letting users know when these results pop up in search results.

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