STEM Starters: Paper Circuits

  • 3rd - 9th Grades
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This Paper Circuits activity kit challenges students to create a working circuit. The essential pieces—copper tape, coin batteries, and LED lights—are provided; it's up to the young scientists to determine what type of structure to build and how they can bring it to life with lights. Includes enough materials to begin 6 paper circuits. 24 total pieces. Ages 14+.

STEM Starters provide students with essential tools to complete hands-on projects. When combined with everyday items, these materials can be used to design and execute a project using creative exploration and the engineering design process. By approaching a problem or a challenge with this thought process, children are able to make educated guesses, problem-solve, and learn without the fear of making a mistake. Perfect for individuals or small groups.

WarningBATTERY WARNING: Batteries can be harmful or fatal if swallowed. When used by children under the age of 14, adult supervision is recommended.

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